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Archer, Malcolm: Hosanna To The Son Of David SATB Hinshaw (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£1.60Add to basket
Bach, Johann Christian: 14 Pieces - Piano (Hinshaw)£5.50Add to basket
Biebl, Franz: Ave Maria - SSA / SSAA (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£1.95Add to basket
Biebl, Franz: Ave Maria (trio / SATB) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.25Add to basket
Biebl, Franz : Ave Maria (trio / Ttbb) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.50Add to basket
Biebl, Franz: Ave Maria SAATTBB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.50Add to basket
Campbell : Over The River And Through The Wood (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£3.25Add to basket
Clementi, Muzio: Great Piano Works Mini Series (Hinshaw)£2.25Add to basket
Courtney, Craig: A Musicological Journey Through the Twelve Days of Christmas (score & parts) (Hinshaw)£94.95Add to basket
Cunningham, Tom: Merry Christmas Jazz (SATB & piano) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.95Add to basket
Elgar, Edward: Where Corals Lie (from Sea Pictures Op 37) SATB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£3.25Add to basket
Erickson, Karle J.: Choral Warmups from A To Z: Singing Dr. Seuss's ABC (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£5.95Add to basket
Lawson, Doyle & Waller, Charles & Yates, Robert: Calling My Children Home (SATB) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£1.90Add to basket
Leddington Wright, Paul: O Lord Of Every Constellation (SATB & Keyboard) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.95Add to basket
Lee, Scott K: Come Watch With Us This Christmas Night SATB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£1.50Add to basket
Macdowell : Fireside Tales Op. 61 Piano (Hinshaw)£3.50Add to basket
Macdowell : Moon Pictures Op. 21 (Hinshaw)£4.50Add to basket
Nystedt, Knut : O Crux SATB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£3.75Add to basket
Orban: Daemon Irrepit Callidus SATB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£3.50Add to basket
Orban, Gyorgy: Ave Maria (in D) (SATB) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.50Add to basket
Poe : Christmas Carols And Circuits (Hinshaw)£3.95Add to basket
Reinagle : Five Scots Tunes Piano (Hinshaw)£4.50Add to basket
Reinagle : Six Scots Tunes Piano (Hinshaw)£2.75Add to basket
Richie : Jazz Solos With Stylistic Notes (Hinshaw)£4.50Add to basket
Shearing, George: Music to Hear (SATB) (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£8.95Add to basket
Sheftel : Patterns For Fun Book 2 Piano (Hinshaw)£4.50Add to basket
Sowerby, Leo: Fisherman's Tune Piano (Hinshaw)£1.95Add to basket
Ticheli, Frank: There Will Be Rest SATB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£2.75Add to basket
Various: Mary Had A Baby SATB (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£1.95Add to basket
: Dandy Lion Wills Piano (Hinshaw)£2.75Add to basket
: Fat Cat Wills Piano (Hinshaw)£3.50Add to basket
: Imagine That Wills Piano (Hinshaw)£3.50Add to basket
: Orban Missa Sexta (mass No6) chorus Pt (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£5.75Add to basket
: Second Set Of Twenty Four Short & Easy Lessons (Hinshaw) Bulk Discount£4.50Add to basket
: Seven Songs For Harpsichord Or Forte Piano (Hinshaw)£3.95Add to basket
: Soaring Hymn Interpretations Piano (Hinshaw)£4.50Add to basket
: Twelve By Eleven Piano Music Of 20th Cent.America (Hinshaw)£6.25Add to basket