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Alfven & Stenhammar: Three Swedish Pieces, arr. Marcusson (Just Flutes)£9.50Add to basket
Bigio, Robert: Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain (Just Flutes)£79.95Add to basket
Caliendo, Christopher: Siempre Domingo (Always on Sunday) - Flute Choir (6 flutes) (Just Flutes)£32.85Add to basket
Clare Southworth: Light Aerobics For Flute (Just Flutes)£10.00Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Curves for 3 flutes & piano (score & parts) (Just Flutes)£26.95Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Hatching Aliens for flute & piano (Just Flutes)£22.95Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Mad Hatter Flute (Just Flutes)£11.95Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Tuberama for flute and CD (Just Flutes)£16.75Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Walk Like This (4 flutes) (Just Flutes)£18.95Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Within... for seven flutes (Just Flutes)£28.50Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Zig Zag Zoo for flute ensemble (Just Flutes)£21.50Add to basket
Clarke, Ian: Zoom Tube Flute & Piano (Just Flutes)£14.95Add to basket
Clarke, Ian/Painter, Simon: Maya Flute Duet (Just Flutes)£13.95Add to basket
Desorgher, S: Full Steam Ahead -Unique Piece. (Just Flutes)£7.95Add to basket
Eden, D: Piccolo! Piccolo! Piccolo Method Book 1 (Just Flutes)£11.95Add to basket
Eden, D: Piccolo! Piccolo! Piccolo Method Book 2 (Just Flutes)£13.50Add to basket
Floyd, Angelita: Gilbert Legacy Biography & Study (Just Flutes)£38.50Add to basket
Goodwin, Liz: Fife Book An Introductory Course (Just Flutes)£9.95Add to basket
Goodwin, Liz : Fife Pack (book) (Just Flutes) £21.50Add to basket
Goodwin, Liz: myfife Method - Teacher's Resource Pack (Just Flutes)£39.95Add to basket
Goodwin, Liz: The Fife Book 2 (Just Flutes)£12.95Add to basket
Lowdell B : Lowell 2 Austrian Dances Flute Choir (Just Flutes)£9.95Add to basket
Mercury, Freddie: Bohemian Rhapsody for 4 or more flutes (Just Flutes)£28.95Add to basket
Peterson-Berger: Frosoblomster arr. Marcusson - Flute (Just Flutes)£11.50Add to basket
Soldan & Mellersh: Illustrated Flute Playing (Just Flutes)£22.95Add to basket
Southwark, C: Sequentials (Just Flutes)£9.50Add to basket
Southworth: Flute Aerobics (Just Flutes)£9.95Add to basket
Walton, William: 66 Great Tunes For Flute (Book & CD) (Just Flutes)£35.25Add to basket
Wye, Trevor: Adult Flute Student (Just Flutes)£9.95Add to basket
Desorgher 1812 Overture 4 Piccs/One Man Band/Perc (Just Flutes)£14.00Add to basket