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Bennett, Stephen: Making Music with your Computer (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
Brooks : Make Money From Home Recording Arr (Pc Publishing)£5.95Add to basket
Delaney, Martin: Ableton Live 7 Tips & Tricks (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
Edwards & Dickinson: Running A Band As A Business (Pc Publishing)£4.95Add to basket
Gemmell, Keith: Making Music On The Apple Mac (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
Harris, John: Recording The Guitar (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£10.95Add to basket
Hill, Dave: Making Music With Ableton Live (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
Jones, Hollin: Propellerhead Reason - Tips & Tricks (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£13.95Add to basket
Lennard, Vic: Midi Survival Guide (Pc Publishing)£7.95Add to basket
Mellor, David: How To Become A Record Producer (Pc Publishing)£12.95Add to basket
Millward, Simon: Fast Guide To Cubase 5 (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£19.95Add to basket
Millward, Simon: Fast Guide To Cubase Sx Millward (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£23.95Add to basket
Millward, Simon: Fast Guide To Cubase Vst (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£22.95Add to basket
Penfold : Practical Midi Handbook (revised 3rd Edt) (Pc Publishing)£9.99Add to basket
Riley, Richard: Audio Editing With Cool Edit (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£14.99Add to basket
Vincent, Robin: Pc Music Easy Guide (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£10.05Add to basket
Waugh : Sequencer Secrets (Pc Publishing)£7.99Add to basket
Waugh, Ian: Cubase Vst Tips & Tricks (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£11.95Add to basket
Waugh, Ian: Quick Guide To Digital Audio Recording (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£7.99Add to basket
Waugh, Ian: Quick Guide To Mp3 & Digital Music (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£6.99Add to basket
Ableton Live 6 tips & Tricks (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
: Advanced Midi Users Guide (2nd Edition) (Pc Publishing)£11.95Add to basket
: Computers & Music Penfold 2nd Edition (Pc Publishing)£8.95Add to basket
Emagic Logic Tips And Tricks (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£16.74Add to basket
Get Creative With Cubase Sx/Sl Book / CD- Rom (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£21.54Add to basket
Guitarist's Guide To Computer Music Book/Cd-Rom (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£16.74Add to basket
Introducing Digital Audio (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£7.95Add to basket
Making Music With Pro Logic (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£19.95Add to basket
Making Music With Sonic Foundry (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
Musician's Survival Guide To Life On The Road (Pc Publishing)£4.99Add to basket
: Penfold Electronic Music & Midi Projects (Pc Publishing)£9.99Add to basket
Sound Synthesis With Vst Instruments (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£9.95Add to basket
: Tips For Recording Musicians Harris (Pc Publishing)£8.99Add to basket
Virtual Instruments A User's Guide (Pc Publishing) Bulk Discount£14.95Add to basket