Music for your Grade Exam

Syllabus:Double Bass from 2012

Important information:
Please note that the information listed below does not contain complete syllabus details. Therefore, when planning an exam entry, it is important to refer to the current syllabus and the Exam Information & Regulations.

Pieces (select one from each list)

List AAvailable In
1. Lament to the Moon
Anon. Estonian
2. Gavott (from Musick's Hand-maid)
3. The More the Merrier
Anon. German
4. Allegretto
Shinichi Suzuki
5. John Grumlie
6. Peruvian Dance Tune
List BAvailable In
1. Carnival Waltz
Catherine Elliott
2. Bass Bridges of Paris or Alpen Song: No. 14 or No. 18 from The Really Easy Bass Book
Tony Osborne
3. Ballad II
Michael Rose
4. A Little Piece (from Op. 68)
5. Moon Over the Ruined Castle
6. Old French Song
List CAvailable In
1. Corn Rigs Quadrille
2. A Little Blue
Steve Berry
3. Now is the month of Maying
T. Morley
4. Gigue: from Five Simple Pieces
I. Carroll
5. And Y Not: No. 22 from The Really Easy Bass Book
Tony Osborne
6. Lied des Schlafes: No. 5 from Kontra-Spass
7. Hatikvah
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