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Syllabus:Violin 2012-2015

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PiecesAvailable In
Complete recordings from the Grade 8 syllabusViolin Exam Pieces 2012–2015, ABRSM Grade 8, 3 CDs (ABRSM)
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Pieces (select one from each list)

List AAvailable In
1. Allegro assai: 3rd movt from Concerto in E, BWV 1042
J. S. Bach
Violin Concerto In E BWV1042 (Violin & Piano) (Henle)
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Violin Concerto No.2 in E Major BWV 1042 (Peters Edition)
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2. Allemanda or Giga: 1st or 4th movt from Partita No. 2 in D minor for Solo Violin, BWV 1004
J. S. Bach
Three Sonatas & Three Partitas for Solo Violin BWV 1001–1006 (Bärenreiter)
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3. Rondo–Allegro ma non troppo: 4th movt from Sonata in F, Op. 24 (‘Spring’)
Sonatas for Violin & Piano, Book 1 (Henle)
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4. Finale–Presto: 3rd movt from Concerto in C, Hob. VIIa/1
Violin Concerto No.1 in C Hob.VIIa/1 (Peters Edition)
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5. Molto allegro: 1st movt from Sonata in A, K. 526
Complete Works for Violin & Piano, Vol. 2 (Bärenreiter)
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Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Vol. 3 (Henle)
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6. Allegro moderato: 1st movt from Sonata in A minor
J. B. G. Neruda
Bohemian Violin Sonatas, Vol. 1 (Henle)
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7. Danza pastorale: 3rd movt from Concerto in E, ‘La Primavera’, Op. 8 No. 1, RV 269
The Four Seasons for Violin & Piano (Bärenreiter)
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The Four Seasons Op.8: No.1 in E 'Spring' (Peters Edition)
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List BAvailable In
1. Andante tranquillo: 2nd movt from Sonata in A, Op. 100
Sonata in A major Op. 100 - Violin & Piano (Wiener Urtext)
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2. Nos 5, 6 and 7: from Schwedische Tänze, Op. 63, Vol. 1
Swedish Dances, op. 63, Vol. 1 - violin & piano (Simrock)
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3. Resignation, Op. 59
C. Dancla
Singing Violin Book 3 (PWM Edition)
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4. Allegretto quasi Andantino: 2nd movt from Sonata in F, Op. 8
Sonata No.1 F Op. 8 (Jacobsen) Violin Piano (Peters Edition)
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5. Dumka
Works for Violin and Piano (Bärenreiter)
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6. Rasch und mit Feuer: No. 3 from Fantasiestücke, Op. 73
3 Fantasy Pieces Op. 73 Violin and Piano (Peters Edition)
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Fantasy Pieces Op. 73 Version For Violin (Henle)
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7. Allegretto: 2nd movt from Sonata in A minor, Op. 105
Sonata for Violin & Piano vol.1 (Wiener Urtext Edition) (Wiener Urtext)
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Sonatas in A min Op. 105 and D min Op. 121 (Peters Edition)
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List CAvailable In
1. Allegro e grazioso: 1st movt from Sonatina
Sonatina (violin & piano) (Stainer & Bell)
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2. Allegro vivo: 1st movt from Sonata
Sonata for Violin & Piano (Henle)
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Sonata in G minor - violin & piano (Durand)
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3. Langsam–Sehr lebhaft: 2nd movt from Sonata in E
Sonata in E for violin & piano (Schott)
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4. Adagio
Adagio for violin and piano (Editio Musica Budapest)
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5. Étude No. 30 in Bb: from 42 Études ou Caprices
42 Études ou Caprices - violin (Peters Edition)
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6. No. 4: from Danses champêtres, Op. 106
Dance Champetre Op106 No 4 Violin & Piano (Wilhelm Hansen)
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7. Remembrances: from Three Pieces from Schindler’s List
John Williams
Schindler's List (3 Pieces for Violin & Piano) (M C A)
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Also RecommendedAvailable In
1. Scales & ArpeggiosViolin Scales & Arpeggios, ABRSM Grade 8 (ABRSM)
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2. Sight Reading TestsViolin Specimen Sight-Reading Tests, ABRSM Grades 6–8 (ABRSM)
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3. Preparation for the Aural TestsAural Training in Practice, ABRSM Grades 6–8, with 3 CDs (ABRSM)
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Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 8 (ABRSM)
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 Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 8 with 2 CDs (ABRSM)
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