Music for your Grade Exam

Syllabus:Rock Guitar

Candidates should choose and perform a short set of THREE rock pieces. The grade handbooks specify the minimum and maximum duration of the set. A variety of rock styles and techniques should be included.

The pieces can be selected from the list below; alternatively, any or all of the pieces can be ‘free choice’ if preferred, providing these are of a similar standard. In selecting suitable ‘free choice’ pieces, candidates should refer to the main guitar parts (excluding any guitar solos) of the songs listed in order to assess the standard expected: guitar solos often exceed the technical standard expected for a grade exam and therefore it is not intended that they should be used as a measure of the standard of playing expected for the exam. Candidates can substitute their own lead solos in place of those of the original artists if they wish to.

The rock pieces for Grade 7 are listed below…

Select two pieces for Initial - Grade 5 and three pieces for Grades 6-8

1: Performance PiecesAvailable In
1. Stairway To Heaven
Led Zeppelin
2. Samba Pa Ti
3. The Trooper
Iron Maiden
4. Private Investigations
Dire Straits
5. Seek And Destroy