Music for your Grade Exam

Board:Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Syllabus:Accordion 2014-2020

Like exams delivered by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, the Conservatoire’s Scottish Traditional Music Graded Exams are divided into four sections and last 15-20 minutes depending on the grade.
Total possible marks in each Scottish Traditional Music Graded Exam are 150. 100 marks are required to reach a Pass; 120 marks to pass with Merit; and 130 marks to pass with Distinction. The four sections of the exam are:

•PERFORMANCE – 90 marks
•TECHNICAL WORK – 18 marks
•QUICK STUDY – 21 marks

The performance part of the exam has 3 pieces: 1) Airs, 2) Dance Tunes and 3) Recently-composed Tunes. Each piece is marked out of 30.

As the grades progress, you are allowed more time and scope to perform your programme of music, chosen from the increasingly challenging repertoire lists:

• At Grades 2 and 3, you are allowed a total of 6 minutes to play two stand-alone tunes and one set of two tunes. At least one tune from each of the three categories should be played.

For more information visit the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland website.

Pieces (select one from each list)

AirsAvailable In
1. Am Falbh Thu Leam, A Ribhinn Og?
2. An Ataireadhd Ard
Donald McIver
3. Cradle Song
J. Scott Skinner
4. Oran na Maighdinn
5. Sunset Over Foula
Ronnie Cooper
6. The Hills of Lorne
Charles Hunter
7. The Nameless Lass
A. MacKenzie
Dance tunesAvailable In
1. Atholl Highlanders
2. Dirk Kommer's Reel
Jim Johnston
3. I Bhi Ada
4. Katie Bairdie
5. Murdo's Wedding
6. Puinneagan Cail
Calum MacPharlain
7. Rakes of Mallow
8. Scotland The Brave
9. Terribus
10. The Dean Brae
Jim Johnstone
Recently CompositionsAvailable In
1. Gluss Ayre
Frank Jamieson
2. Highland Lassie
Jim Johnstone
3. I See Mull
D. MacLellan
4. Malteser Madness
Mairearad Green
5. Ordale Waltz
Frank Jamieson
6. Roses of Prince Charlie
R. G. Browne
7. The Ruby
Phil Cunningham