Music for your Grade Exam

Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Bassoon 2013-2016

Three pieces are to be played, at least one from each group, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.

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Group AAvailable In
1. Concertino, 1st movt: Andante
Concertino (Emerson)
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2. Sonata in D minor, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allegro / 3rd movt: Arietta + 4th movt: Allegro
Sonata in D minor, Op. 2 No. 5 (European Music Archive)
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3. Sonata in F, op.24 no. 3, 3rd movt: Allegretto
Sonata in F op. 24 No. 3 - bassoon, basso continuo (Musica Rara)
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4. Sonata in G minor op. 24 no. 5, 1st movt: Allegro con espressione
Bassoon Sonata Op. 24 No.5 in G minor (Musica Rara)
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5. Romance
Romance For Bassoon And Orchestra (Bassoon & Piano) (Novello)
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6. Sonata in C, 3rd movt: Andante and 4th movt: Allegro assai
Sonata in C major - bassoon & basso continuo (Universal Edition)
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7. Sonatine, any two movements
Sonatina - bassoon & piano (Schott)
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8. Concerto, 3rd movt: Con spirito
Concerto for Bassoon - bassoon & piano (Emerson)
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9. Sicilienne et Allegro giocoso: Largamente, sicilienne and allegro giocoso
Sicilienne et Allegro giocoso (Leduc)
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10. Concerto, 1st movt: Allegro
Concerto for Bassoon and Strings - bassoon & piano reduction (Stainer & Bell)
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11. Variations: Adagio, andante grazioso and any one variation
Variations KWV 4202 for bassoon & piano (Universal Edition)
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12. Concertino, 2nd movt: Lento espressivo, intimo
Concertino for Bassoon (Lengnick)
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13. Concerto in Bb K191, 1st movt: Allegro / 2nd movt: Andante ma adagio [without cadenza]
Concerto in Bb, K. 191 - bassoon & piano reduction (Bärenreiter)
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14. Variations 1 (Arioso), 2 (Scherzetto), 8 (Barbaresca) and any one other variation
Variations on an Arietta by Pergolesi - bassoon & piano (Universal Edition)
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15. Concerto in Bb, 3rd movt: Rondeau
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16. Solo de Concert op. 35
Solo de Concert Op.35 (Leduc)
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17. Concert Prelude on a theme of Henry Purcell op. 53
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18. Sonata op.168: 3rd movt: Adagio, allegro moderato
Bassoon Sonata in G Op.168 (Peters Edition)
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19. Suite, 1st movt: Introduction and Allegro
Suite for Bassoon & Piano (Eschig)
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20. Concerto in E minor, RV484, 1st movt: Allegro poco or 3rd movt: Allegro
Concerto in E minor (RV 484, F.VIII No. 6) (IMC)
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21. Concerto in C, FV III no. 17 RV 472, 1st movt: Allegro non molto
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22. Concerto in F op. 75, 1st movt: Allegro ma non troppo / 2nd movt: Adagio
Concerto in F major Op. 75 J127 - bassoon & piano reduction (Breitkopf & Härtel)
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23. Concerto, 1st movt: Moderato
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Group BAvailable In
1. Fantasy
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2. Partita BWV 1013, 2nd movt: Corrente
J S Bach
Partita in C minor (BWV 1013) (Bärenreiter)
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3. Bizaria, p. 20
Solos (1740) bassoon (Schott)
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4. Study no. 3, Adagio / Study no. 8, Allegretto
Concert Studies, Op. 26, Vol. 1 (IMC)
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5. No. 19, Allegro molto
23 Bassoon Exercises (Editio Musica Budapest)
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6. Study no. 8 / Study no. 9
20 Melodic Studies for Bassoon (IMC)
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7. Study no. 15, Marcia Grotesca / Study no. 17, Elegia
20 Advanced Studies For Bassoon (Emerson)
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8. Study no. 10, Vivace
Virtuoso Studies for Bassoon (Bärenreiter Praha)
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9. No. 1, recitativo, molto rubato or no. 2, Allegro giocoso
5 Virtuoso Inventions for bassoon (Schott Music Panton)
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10. Study no. 34, Andante con moto or Study no. 35, Andante maestoso
Bassoon Studies, Op. 8, Vol. 2 (Peters Edition)
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Orchestral extractsAvailable In
1. Boléro (entire extract)
Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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1. Scheherazade, 2. Satz Andantino (bars 5-26)
Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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2. Symphonie fantastique, 4. Satz Der Gang zum Richtplatz (entire extract, upper part)
Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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2. Carmen, 3. Akt 2. Bild No. 25 (entire extract)
Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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3. Così fan tutte, Ouverture (entire extract)
Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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3. Pulcinella-Suite, 6. Satz: Gavotta con due variazioni, Variazione IIa (entire extract, 1st bassoon only, no repeats)
Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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Also RecommendedAvailable In
Bassoon Sound At Sight Grades 1-8Sound at Sight Bassoon Grades 1-8 (Trinity College London)
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Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - BassoonTest Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Bassoon (Peters Edition)
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Scales & Arpeggios for Grades 1-8Please email us for availability
Aural Tests for Grades 6-8Aural Book 2: Specimen Aural Tests, from 2007 (Grades 6-8) (+ CD) (Trinity College London)
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