Music for your Grade Exam

Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Cello 2013-2015

Three pieces are to be played, at least one from each group, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.

Group AAvailable In
1. Suite No. 1 in G BWV 1007: Prelude
J S Bach
6 Suites for Violoncello Solo, BWV 1007-1012 (Peters Edition)
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2. Prayer, no. 1 from Jewish Life
Music for Cello & Piano (Carl Fischer)
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3. Élégie
Four Pieces for Cello and Piano (Faber Music)
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4. Serenata for Cello & Piano
Serenata Op. 34 - cello & piano (Faber Music)
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5. Sonata, 1st movt: Prologue
Sonata in G major for cello & piano (IMC)
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6. Silent Woods ’Klid’ op. 68 no. 5
Waldesruhe Op 68/5 (cello & piano) (IMC)
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7. Cello Concerto in E minor, 3rd movt
Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op.85 (Cello & Piano) (Novello)
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8. Élégie op. 24
Anthology for Cello (Peters Edition)
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9. Bess, You Is My Woman Now
Encore! 12 Favourites for Cello (+ CD) (Chester Music)
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10. Song of the Minstrel op. 71
Chant du Ménestrel op. 71 - cello & piano (Belaieff)
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11. Sonata in A minor op. 36, 2nd movt: Andante molto tranquillo
Sonata in A minor Op 36 & Other Works For Cello & Piano (Henle)
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12. Concerto in D Hob VIIb no. 2, 2nd movt: Adagio
Cello Concerto in D major Op. 101 Hob VIIb:2 - cello & piano (Breitkopf & Härtel)
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13. Méditation from Thaïs
Meditation from Thais for cello & piano (Editio Musica Budapest)
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14. Arioso
Arioso for cello & piano (Universal Edition)
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15. Miserere Paraphrase
On The Fiddle (cello & piano) (Chester Music)
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16. Sonata in G minor op. 19, 3rd movt: Andante
Cello Sonata Op. 19 (Boosey & Hawkes (London))
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17. Song Of Roxana from King Roger
Roxana's song from the opera ''King Roger'' - cello & piano (PWM Edition)
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18. Melodie op. 42 no. 3
Tchaikovsky for Cello, Vol. 1 (Simrock)
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Group BAvailable In
1. Concerto in C minor, 1st movt
J C Bach
Concerto in C minor for cello and orchestra - cello & piano (Salabert)
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2. Romanian Folk Dances no. 1, no. 2, no. 5 and no. 6
Romanian Folk Dances for Cello (Universal Edition)
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3. Sonata no. 1 in F op. 5 no. 1, 1st movt: Adagio sostenuto - Allegro
Sonatas for Cello and Piano (Bärenreiter)
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4. Sonata no. 4 in C op. 102 no. 1, 1st movt: Andante - Allegro vivace
Sonatas for Cello and Piano (Bärenreiter)
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5. Sonata in G, 1st movt (formerly attrib. Sammartini)
Sonata in G major for cello & piano (IMC)
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6. Rondo
Rondo for cello & piano (Leduc)
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7. Three Pieces, no. 3 in C# minor
3 Pieces, No. 3 in C# minor - cello & piano (Heugel & Cie)
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8. Sonata in E minor, 2nd movt: Allegretto quasi menuetto
Sonata in E minor Op 38 for cello & piano (Henle)
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9. Suite no. 1 in G, Serenata & Marcia
3 Suites for Solo Cello (Faber Music)
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10. Requiebros
Requiebros in D major - cello & piano (Schott)
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11. Sonata in G minor op. 65, 2nd movt: Scherzo
Cello Sonata in G minor Op. 65/Polonaise in C Op. 3 (Peters Edition)
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12. La Fileuse
La Fileuse Op 15 (cello) (PWM Edition)
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13. Ritual Fire Dance
De Falla
Ritual Fire Dance and Dance of Terror (from El Amor Brujo) - cello & piano (Chester Music)
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14. Concerto in D minor, 2nd movt: Intermezzo
Cello Concerto in D minor - cello & piano reduction (Peters Edition)
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15. The Donkey and the Driver
Steven Isserlis's Cello World (Faber Music)
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16. Truckin’ Through the South
10 American Cello Etudes (Oxford University Press)
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17. Czardas
Dancing Cello (PWM Edition)
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18. Allegro appassionato op. 43
Complete Shorter Works for Cello & Piano (Faber Music)
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19. Fantasiestücke op. 73, no. 3: Rasch und mit Feuer
Fantasy Pieces for Cello, Op. 73 (Peters Edition)
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Also RecommendedAvailable In
Aural Tests for Grades 6-8Aural Book 2: Specimen Aural Tests (Grades 6-8) (+ CD) (Trinity College London)
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Sound at Sight Cello Initial-Grade 8Sound at Sight Cello, Initial-Grade 8 (Trinity College London)
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Scales, Arpeggios & StudiesCello Scales, Arpeggios & Studies from 2007 Initial - Grade 8 (Trinity College London)
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