Music for your Grade Exam

Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Eb Tenor Horn 2013-2014

Three pieces are to be played, at least one from each group, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one item, candidates may offer their own composition.

Pieces (select one from each list)

Group AAvailable In
1. (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow [candidates must use this edition]
Arlen & Harburg
Over The Rainbow (horn in F & piano) (Studio Music)
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2. Mountain Melody
Mountain Melody for horn in Eb (Brand Publications)
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3. Bubble in the Tube or Fugal Mood or On Holiday
A Horn-Ting We Will Go for Eb Tenor Horn and Piano (Brass Wind)
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4. Barcarolle or Pastoral
Four Peaceful Pieces (Eb or F Horn) (Emerson)
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5. Stardust
A Little Light Music for Eb/Tenor Horn and Piano (Brass Wind)
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6. I Got Rhythm
A Little Light Music for Eb/Tenor Horn and Piano (Brass Wind)
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7. Tournament Galop
Undercover Hits (for horn in Eb & piano) (Brass Wind)
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8. Air and Rondo (complete)
Air and Rondo (Tenor Horn) (Brand Publications)
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9. Carnival or Elegy
In Concert (scene 1) Eb Horn (Brass Wind)
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10. Cantilena or Ragtime
Cornucopia for Eb Horn and Piano (Brass Wind)
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11. Moon River
Let's Face The Music - horn in Eb (Brass Wind)
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12. Gabriel's Oboe
Morricone arr. Bissill
Hornscape for Horn in Eb, arr. Bissill (Brass Wind)
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13. Concerto no. 3 in Eb, K. 447, 3rd movt: Allegro
Horn Concerto No.3 in E-flat major K447 (Bärenreiter)
£10.50 £9.98Add to basket
14. Concerto no. 4 in Eb, K. 495, 2nd movt: Romance
Horn Concerto No.4 in E-flat major K495 (Bärenreiter)
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15. House of Cards or The House of Eliott
The Music of Jim Parker for Tuba/Eb Bass (Brass Wind)
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16. Ain’t Misbehavin’
More on the Light Side for Horn in Eb (with piano accompaniment) (Brass Wind)
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17. Romance
Horn Concerto in Eb (Eb/F edition) (IMC)
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Group BAvailable In
1. Study no. 20 in A minor
J S Bach
The Well-Tempered Player (Rosehill-Winwood)
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2. Study no. 8
Ace of Trumpets (Brass Wind)
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3. Study no. 32, Largo
Supplementary Studies for Cornet or Trumpet (Rubank)
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4. Study no. 34 or Study no. 35 or Study no. 37
40 Progressive Etudes for Trumpet or Cornet (+ CD) (Carl Fischer)
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5. Aria for Horn in Eb
In Concert (scene 1) Eb Horn (Brass Wind)
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6. Czardas or Jota
Rhythms of Life (Treble Clef) (Mostyn Music)
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7. Rubber Lips, no. 12 or Morning, no. 13
Progressive Brass Studies (Faber Music)
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8. Flamenco or Tango
20 Dances for Trumpet (Book & CD) (De Haske)
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9. Study no. 9 of Intermediate Etudes, p. 11
Trumpet Method Book 3: Melodic Studies (Alfred Music)
£15.95 £14.36Add to basket
Also RecommendedAvailable In
1. Aural Book 2 Tests Grades 6-8Aural Book 2: Specimen Aural Tests (Grades 6-8) (+ CD) (Trinity College London)
£9.99Add to basket
2. Scales & ArpeggiosTreble Clef Brass Scales & Arpeggios 1-8 (Trinity College London)
£7.99Add to basket