Music for your Grade Exam

Board:Trinity College London
Syllabus:Timpani 2014-2019

Two pieces are to be played, freely chose from the list below, to form a balanced programme.

Group AAvailable In
1. Fourths of Course!
20 Short Solos For Timpani (United Music Publishing (UMP))
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2. Changing Meters II, no. 12 OR Happiness, no. 14
Solo Pieces For Timpani (De Haske)
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3. Prelude
Exercises Etudes & Solos For Timpani (Carl Fischer)
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4. Shades of Bartók
Shades Of Bartok timpani (Southern Percussion)
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5. Sonatina
Solobook For Timpani vol.2 (Simrock)
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6. Trinity Variations
Percussion World Timpani (Trinity College London)
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7. Sonatina for Timpani - Movement 1 OR Movement 3
Sonatina For Timpani (Boosey & Hawkes)
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8. No. 5 OR No. 17 (from The Timpani Challenge)
The Timpani Challenge: 30 Performance Studies (Pustjens Percussion) 
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9. Study no. 18 OR Study no. 20
Symphonic Studies for Timpani (De Haske) 
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Also RecommendedAvailable In
1. Sight ReadingGraded Percussion Sight-Reading, Grades 1-8 (Trinity College London)
£7.99Add to basket
2. Aural TestsAural Book 2: Specimen Aural Tests, from 2007 (Grades 6-8) (+ CD) (Trinity College London)
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Aural Tests Book 2, from 2017 (Grades 6–8) (+ 2 CDs) (Trinity College London) 
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