New CME Choral Titles for 2014

New CME Choral Titles for 2014
Highlighting the best contemporary choral composers from around the world. Featured series include Conductor's Choice, Building Bridges & Beginning Repertoire.

CME Conductor's Choice
Conductor's Choice series presents an artistically distinguished repertoire of selected choral music for high school, college and community choirs. Bridging the goals of choral music education with the standards of professional performance, Conductor's Choice features an international roster of young composers and arrangers dedicated to musical craft and authenticity.

CME Building Bridges
Building Self-Growth and Self-Esteem through choral singing Building Bridges is a Choral Music Experience series for developing choirs, particularly suited for middle school, junior high and beginning level high school choirs. The Building Bridges series features an educationally valuable, culturally diverse choral repertoire selected to motivate and inspire continued music development through the transition years. The Building Bridges series offers problem-solving and skill-building challenges as a means of developing self-growth and self-esteem through singing.

CME Beginning Repertoire
Choral Music Experience series presents an artistically distinguished repertoire of begins with distinctive choral repertoire. Each student is challenged by the opportunity to produce music with the singing voice, practice the musicianship required to meet the musical challenges and perform the results of their efforts. This performance approach to music teaching and learning allows students to demonstrate their knowledge through choral singing.

CME in High Voice
In High Voice features exciting and expressive repertoire for high school, collegiate and community women's choirs. Reflecting the full ranges of women's experiences, In High Voice stands as a distinctive component of the rich treble holdings in Doreen Rao's Choral Music Experience series. In High Voice celebrates women and the composers who write for them through meaningful texts, an expanded tonal palette, and superb composition.