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Will Todd

Will Todd Photo © Andy Holdsworth
b. 1970



Born in 1970 in Durham * British composer and jazz pianist, best known for combining jazz and blues with traditional choral music * Choral music ranges from simple anthems for church and youth choirs to complex works for professional chamber choirs * Worklist also includes opera, musicals, oratorio, orchestral works, works for children and amateur performers, and concertos for violin, trumpet and saxophone * His anthem, Call of Wisdom, was performed at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations with a TV audience of 4.5 million people * His breakthrough work, Mass in Blue (originally titled Jazz Mass), has been performed hundreds of times all over the world * His arrangement of Amazing Grace was performed at President Obama’s Inauguration Day prayer service in 2013 and as part of the BBC’s Nelson Mandela Thanksgiving Service * Among Angels was commissioned by the Genesis Foundation and was premiered by The Sixteen in Salzburg * Critically acclaimed music theatre works include The Blackened Man, The Screams of Kitty Genovese and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland * Recent commissions include a choral piece for the BBC’s Great North Passion, broadcast on Good Friday 2014 * Has toured Europe, the Middle and Far East and America with his Jazz Quartet and leading choral workshops

Choral works by Will Todd include:
The Lord is My Shepherd (2009)
Amazing Grace (2010)
3 Jazz Carols and 3 More Jazz Carols (2012) 
"Will Todd is a master of his craft... his scores allow classically trained singers to enter the worlds of jazz and gospel without feeling self-conscious or out of their comfort zone." — Choir & Organ

Also visit the Will Todd website at 

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