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New Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method

(September 2001)

booseymethodsaxx98.GIF Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method: New tutor brings instrumental teaching up to date

Announcing the publication of a major new method for teaching woodwind and brass instruments. The Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method is the first tutor book to meet the changing needs of today’s teachers, providing practical resources to make teaching easier, more integrated and more effective.

The Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method
is a complete course for individual and group teaching. Unlike other methods it teaches all-round musical skills through a programme of music and activities with audio CD and additional materials on the web ( Based on a clear curriculum it provides an easy-to-use system for teaching and flexible materials that can be used in individual, group or mixed instrument teaching.

Extensively researched, the method has been written and developed by a team of instrumental specialists and composers under the general editorship of Chris Morgan. Commenting on the project Series Editor Chris Morgan says "We believe it will make an important contribution to woodwind and brass teaching. Its creative and practical approach will help teachers meet curriculum demands and, more importantly, equip young musicians with a wide range of "musicianly" skills that will enhance and enrich their music making".

Boosey & Hawkes is the world’s leading provider of woodwind and brass instruments and the publisher of the best-selling Learn As You Play tutor series. The Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method continues this tradition by bringing this expertise up to date for the next generation of teachers and their students.

The Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method
Musical solutions for individual and group teaching

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