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Barron, Christine - Drum Styles Made Easy
description: Drum

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Intermediate
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Drum Styles Made Easy explores the many different styles required of the modern kit drummer. Explore rock/pop, funk, show, blues, jazz, swing, Latin, reggae and more. Included with each style are rudiments, exercises, pieces and impro that reinforce and support students. Learn with the unique ‘cross-in-a-square’ approach.


01 A word about drum tabs (tablature)
02 Chapter 1: Rock/pop
03 Bibi
04 Chapter 2: Funk
05 Bottom line
06 Chapter 3: Slow-rock
07 Shine on me
08 Chapter 4: Blues-rock shuffle
09 The need
10 Chapter 5: Show
11 Last call
12 Chapter 6: Swing/jazz independence
13 Chapter 7: Swing/jazz brush beats
14 Chapter 8: Swing/jazz waltz beats
15 Is that so?
16 Chapter 9: Reggae
17 Don’t stress, man
18 A word about Latin beats
19 Chapter 10: Bossa nova
20 Bossy bossa
21 Chapter 11: Mambo
22 Tjoepie
23 Chapter 12: Afro-Cuban: nanigo
24 She crazy!
25 Chapter 13: Mozambique
26 B rich 4 u
27 Chapter 14: Songo
28 Coza

Press Reviews

As fine a beginner drum book as one will find, dropping the learner (after a brief look at drum tablature) into the simplest of rock and pop styles, and leading on from there to cover funk, jazz, swing, reggae and more. With a performance and backing CD, this book will take the beginner through to a very competent level indeed. Each chapter shows ways of co-ordinating hands and feet, incorporating Barron's own "cross in a square" tablature".
MI Pro (Musical Instrument Professional) magazine

The title "Drum Styles Made Easy – Learn How to Play in Different Styles" is to be taken literally: in the first 14 chapters, drum grooves in various styles are introduced, and analysed with detailed instructions on how to play them. Later chapters build on these foundations, while featured in between the exercises in the book are helpful hints and advice on each playing style. The enclosed CD features a Playalong track for each style, so the student can practice their new-found skills. Each track is featured once with drums to demonstrate the groove, and then again with only a click track, so the student can play their own part along with the other instruments. The recordings are beautifully produced, and match the style and feel of each genre.
Drums & Percussion magazine, November 2009

A comprehensive introduction to alternative styles on the drum kit. The book is designed as a hand to hold through the ever-challenging process of learning new and necessary styles in the demanding world of modern kit drumming. With an onus on four-way co-ordination, Drum Styles Made Easy explores rock/pop, funk, blues, jazz, swing, Latin, reggae and loads more to keep you busy, including genre-specific exercises, rudiments and improvisation tuition to reinforce the lessons. Barron uses the "cross in a square" method to illustrate an easy-to-follow approach to co-ordination, independence and reading drum notation. A CD containing performance and backing tracks, which encourage and enhance students' musicality as much as possible, accompanies the book.
Drummer magazine

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