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24 Preludes & Fugues in Jazz Styles

description: Piano, CD

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
SeriesGuildhall Keyboard Exams
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Advanced
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A concept inspired by Bach's '48', but realised in a variety of jazz styles. Twelve preludes and related fugues in each volume, exploring all possible major and minor keys. There are homages to many famous pianists (Art Tatum, George Gershwin …) but at the same time the style of the music is fresh and individual, combining skilful contrapuntal writing, a real melodic gift and a cheeky sense of humour.

The CD includes sample performances of all the pieces.


01. Prelude 1 (C major)
02. Fugue 1 (C major)
03. Prelude 2 (C minor)
04. Fugue 2 (C minor)
05. Prelude 3 (D flat major)
06. Fugue 3 (D flat major)
07. Prelude 4 (C sharp minor)
08. Fugue 4 (C sharp minor)
09. Prelude 5 (D major)
10. Fugue 5 (D major)
11. Prelude 6 (D minor)
12. Fugue 6 (D minor)
13. Prelude 7 (E flat major)
13. Prelude 7 (E flat major)
16. Fugue 8 (E flat minor)
17. Prelude 9 (E major)
18. Fugue 9 (E major)
19. Prelude 10 (E minor)
20. Fugue 10 (E minor)
21. Prelude 11 (F major)
22. Fugue 11 (F major)
23. Prelude 12 (F minor)
24. Fugue 12 (F minor)

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