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20 New Pieces based on Rock Rhythms for Beginners

description: Piano

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Beginner
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Feel the beat and energy of Christopher Norton’s set of original piano miniatures! Microrock introduces the beginner to the high spirits of rock music styles: twenty pieces capturing the characteristic qualities of this stimulating and effervescent music, but with only modest technical challenges. Play along to the backing CD or listen to the composer’s own vibrant performances.


01. End of term
02. In the groove
03. Power band
04. Part-time gangster
05. The gig
06. Truck stop
07. You got a problem?
08. Hangin’ out
09. The kids are out
10. Stray dog blues
11. Watching and waiting
12. The big picture
13. Down the highway
14. Emotional reaction
15. Soft rock waltz
16. Taking it to the world
17. Rockin’ everywhere
18. Into the dark
19. Goodbye again
20. Fireball

Press Reviews

Chrisopher Norton, the very begetter of the jazz piano idiom in modern times... There's a CD of playalong backings and the composer's performances, too - so it's all quite an attractive volume

An attractive selection full of style energy and exuberance.

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New Pieces Based on Rock Rhythms from Christopher Norton
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