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Wastall, Peter - Learn As You Play Clarinet
description: Clarinet CD

PublisherA Piacere
SeriesLearn as you Play
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Beginner
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The award winning wind and brass tutor series. Learn As You Play provides everything you need from the first lesson upwards. A well structured course of exercises, studies and pieces ensures a good grounding in technique and musicianship. Also available in Dutch, French, German and Spanish language editions.


A Hymn to St Ceclia (Wastall)
A Little Piece (Diabelli)
A Little Piece (Schumann)
A March of Joy (Beethoven/Wastall)
A Melody in Phrygian Mode fr Mikrokosmos 1 (Bartok)
A Syncopated Duet (Garnier)
Air fr Der Freischutz (Weber/Wastall)
An Old Hungarian Dance (Karolyi)
An Old Tale (Szelenyi)
Andante (Diabelli)
Andante (Mozart)
Aria (Gluck)
Aria (Handel)
Ariette (Lully)
Aylesford's Piece (Handel)
Branle de Champagne (Gervaise)
Cantilena (Gabrielsky)
Carol fr 5 Bagatelles (Finzi)
Chanson de Nuit (French trad)
Chorus fr Paris & Helen (Gluck/Wastall)
Corumba (Wastall)
Duetto No 1 (Gabrielsky)
Duo (Berr)
Duo fr St Petersburg (Bortniansky/Wastall)
Ein Feste Burg (Luther/JS Bach)
Ellacombe (English trad)
Eudoxia (Baring-Gould)
Fanfare (Chedeville)
Ffigysbren (Welsh trad)
First Loss (Schumann)
Gavotte (Chedeville)
German Dance (Beethoven)
German Dance fr 12 German Dances (Haydn/Wastall)
Granite (Ramon Cole)
Hornpipe (Purcell)
Humming Song fr Album for the Young (Schumann/Wastall)
Hunting Song (Schumann)
Hymn to Nature (Szelenyi)
Integer Vitae (Flemming)
Largo fr Sonatina No 3 (Telemann/Wastall)
Lets Beguine (Wastall)
March (Hyde/Wastall)
Marmotte (Beethoven)
Mexican Madness (Wastall)
Midnight in Tobago (Wastall)
Minuet & Trio fr 12 German Dances (Beethoven/Wastall)
Minuet (Mozart)
Minuetto (Hook)
Musette (JS Bach)
Rigaudon (Purcell)
Soldier's March (Schumann)
St Margarita's Lullaby (French trad)
Study No. 3 (Gariboldi)
Study No. 4 (Wastall)
Suburban Sunday (Ramon Cole)
The Emperor of Germany's March (Clarke)
The Post (Trad)
Waltz (Brahms)
Waltz (Schubert)

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