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Wastall, Peter - Learn As You Play Sax (alto)
description: Piano Accompaniment

PublisherBoosey & Hawkes (London)
SeriesLearn as you Play
Availability: Stock Title
Level of Difficulty:Beginner
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The award winning wind and brass tutor series. Learn As You Play provides everything you need from the first lesson upwards. A well structured course of exercises, studies and pieces ensures a good grounding in technique and musicianship. Also available in Dutch, French, German and Spanish language editions.


A Little Piece (Diabelli)
A Little Piece (Gurlitt)
A Syncopated Duet (Garnier)
Air (Gretry)
Allemande (trad)
Andante (Diabelli)
Andante (Gurlitt)
Andante (Schubert)
Aylesford's Piece (Handel)
Brazilian Beat (Wastall/Hyde)
Capricorn Cocktail (Wastall/Hyde)
Caribbean Capers (Wastall/Hyde)
Carol (Finzi)
Chanson De Nuit (trad)
Chorale (Bach)
Chorale Melody (trad)
Chow-Mein Cha-Cha (Wastall)
Corumba (Wastall)
Dixieland Blues (Menz)
Duetto in D Minor (Devienne)
Duo (Bortniansky)
Duo for Two Equal Saxophones (Kastner)
Duo in D Minor (Chedeville)
Ecossaise (Beethoven)
Ein' Feste Burg (Luther)
Ellacombe (trad)
Fanfare (Chedeville)
Ffigysbren (trad)
Folk Song Blues (Kinyon)
Gavotte (Chedeville)
Granite (Cole)
Heroic Song in Phrygian Mode (Cole)
Integer Vitae (Flemming)
Jamaican Rumba (Benjamin)
Jazzetto (Cole)
Larghetto (Mozart)
Largo (Dvorak)
Let's Beguine (Wastall)
Lullaby (Schubert)
March (Hyde)
Marmotte (Beethoven)
Menuett (Haydn)
Mexican Madness (Wastall)
Midnight in Tobago (Wastall)
Minuet (Bach)
Minuet (Mozart)
Minuetto (Hook)
On Wings of Song (Medelssohn)
Quem Pastored (trad)
Romance (Cole)
Saint Margarita's Lullaby (trad)
Sax-Appeal (Evans)
Serenade (Diabelli)
Soldier's March (Schumann)
Soliloquy (Hyde)
Study No.1 (Briard)
Study No.2 (Briard)
Study No.3 (Briard)
Study No.4 (Briard)
Suburban Sunday (Cole)
Swim, Swan, Swim! (Hyde)
The Emperor of Germany's March (Clarke)
These Foolish Things (Strachey)
Tri-Time (Cowles)
Waltz (Schubert)

Press Reviews

"a firmly established favourite ... aims to cover from beginner to grade 3, a book that will last a long time"
Clarinet & Saxophone, Spring 2002

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