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Betty Bertaux Choral Music

Betty Bertaux

Choral music for treble voices by the leading US choral music educationalist.

Composer Title Instrumentation  

Beethoven, Ludwig van Abbe Stadler SSS Children's Voices
Beethoven, Ludwig van Nachtlied SSA SSA
Bertaux, Betty Ah, Poor Bird - choral unison, flute & oboe Treble Voices
Bertaux, Betty All Things Bright & Beautiful SA & piano SA, Piano
Bertaux, Betty Apple with Its Seeds SS/A
Bertaux, Betty Before Rain Treble
Bertaux, Betty Blossoms Treble
Bertaux, Betty Chatter with the Angels 2-part Treble Voices and Piano
Bertaux, Betty Cloud Treble
Bertaux, Betty Cock-a-doodle-doo! SS & piano SS
Bertaux, Betty Cornish Wassail Unison Voices, Piano
Bertaux, Betty Coulter's Candy - choral unison Unison
Bertaux, Betty Drunken Sailor SSSSS SSSSS
Bertaux, Betty Esa Noche Yo Baila Mixed Voices
Bertaux, Betty Farewell Unison
Bertaux, Betty Gift of Song SSS, 3 trumpets & piano Treble Voices
Bertaux, Betty Gone for Good/A Skeleton Treble
Bertaux, Betty He Is Born Unison or SATB
Bertaux, Betty Hine Ma Tov Unison treble voices
Bertaux, Betty How Far Is It to Bethlehem SSA
Bertaux, Betty I Had A Little Nut Tree SS & piano SS
Bertaux, Betty I Think of Rain SS/A
Bertaux, Betty I Think of Rain Unison
Bertaux, Betty I'll Give my Love an Apple Treble
Bertaux, Betty Interlude and Contrary Mary Treble, Piano
Bertaux, Betty Jesus Loves Me Unison treble, Flute, Piano
Bertaux, Betty Jesus Loves Me String (parts)
Bertaux, Betty Jubilate Deo SSSAAA
Bertaux, Betty Komm Nun, Weinachlicher Geist SSA SS
Bertaux, Betty Lullay, Lullow Treble
Bertaux, Betty May Day Carol SSA & piano Treble
Bertaux, Betty Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (Instrumental Parts)
Bertaux, Betty Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep SSA & piano Treble, Piano
Bertaux, Betty Personet Hodie 2-part Treble, Flute, Percussion
Bertaux, Betty Personet Hodie (sc/parts) SA, Percussion
Bertaux, Betty Rejoice My Friends SS & piano SS
Bertaux, Betty Shady Grove Mixed Voices
Bertaux, Betty Sing Me a Song (Choral Score)
Bertaux, Betty Song in the Imperative Mood Clarinet, Bassoon
Bertaux, Betty Song in the Imperative Mood SS & piano 2-part treble voices
Bertaux, Betty S'Vivon SATB
Bertaux, Betty S'Vivon SSSS SSSS
Bertaux, Betty Thank You For World So Sweet SA & piano SA
Bertaux, Betty The Gift of Song (Parts)
Bertaux, Betty The Holly And The Ivy SSA
Bertaux, Betty The Web SS & piano Treble
Bertaux, Betty This Is The Truth SATB/unison, percussion & piano Unison or SATB
Bertaux, Betty This Old Man Variations SSA & piano SSA, Piano
Bertaux, Betty To Music SSA
Bertaux, Betty To Music - choral unison Unison
Bertaux, Betty Unborn Baby SS/A
Bertaux, Betty Who Killed Cock Robin? SS/A
Bertaux, Betty Wondrous Love SSA Treble Voices
Carnahan, Craig Carol from Toadlibet SSA, Piano
Carnahan, Craig Duck's Ditty SSS
Carnahan, Craig Incredible Mister Toad SSS & piano SSS
Carnahan, Craig Toad's Last Little Song SSA & piano SSS
Dardess, Betty Sing A Song Of Nonsense SSSS & piano Treble Voices
Jagoda (Alicia Shumate) Ocho Kandelikas Unison treble, Flute, Piano
Jensen, Jonathan A Boat Beneath the Sunny Sky Unison Voices, Piano
Jensen, Jonathan Christmas Carol 2-part treble voices
Krunnfusz, Dan Mass in Times of Struggle Solo, SSA
McCoy, Beth P Ave Maria Soprano, Ensemble (Score)
Sprenkle, Elam Duel Solo, SSA
Sprenkle, Elam Interlude & Contrary Mary SS & piano SS, Piano
Sprenkle, Elam October's Party Treble
Sprenkle, Elam Sleep, Baby Sleep Treble
Sprenkle, Elam When I Was Six Treble
Sprenkle, Elam White Rabbit's Verse Treble
Sprenkle, Elam Wynken, Blynken and Nod Treble, Piano
Wanenchak, Leo M. Little Bird Unison Treble Voices, Piano
Ward, Samuel America the Beautiful - choral unison & piano Unison treble voices
Ward, Samuel America the Beautiful SSA & piano 3-part Treble Voices

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