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A Boy Is Born In Bethlehem - SSAAATTBB $3.91
A Boy was Born - SSATBB $3.91
A child is born in Bethlehem - ATB Soli or Chorus & Oboe $5.21
A Golden Tree for SATB & organ/piano $3.59
A song was heard at Christmas - SSATBB a capella $3.91
All this time - SATB & organ $3.91
An Earthly Blessing - SA & Piano $4.57

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Blessed be that Maid Marie - SSATB a capella $3.91

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Christmas Carol - SATB a cappella $4.57
Christmas Carol for SATB & organ $5.21

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Drop, drop slow tears for SATB $2.60

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Hey! now now now - SSATTBB A Cappella $5.88
How love bleeds (Four Carols for Dark Times) for SATB $3.91

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In excelsis gloria for SS & piano $2.60
In the bleak midwinter $3.59
In the bleak midwinter - SATB a cappella $3.27

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Lullay (from Motets) $3.91
Lullay, lullay, thou lytil child - SATB soli & mixed chorus (SSATB) $4.57
Lullay, my liking for SATB a cappella $2.60

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My Lord has Come for SATB unaccompanied $2.09
My Lord has Come for SSAA unaccompanied $2.09

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Nova! Nova! Ave fit ex Eva - SSA a cappella $4.57

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Our Joyful'st Feast - SAATTBB A Cappella $4.57

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See amid the winter’s snow - SA & piano $3.59
Softly (SATB) $2.35
Sweet was the song for SATB & organ $3.59

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The Christ-child - SATB & piano $2.60
The Road to Bethlehem - SATB & piano $4.57
The Winding Road - SATB $3.27
There is no rose of such virtue - SATB a cappella $2.60
This Child of God for SATB & organ $3.59
Three Jazz Carols - SATB & piano $4.57
Three More Jazz Carols - SATB & Piano $4.57
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day for SATB $3.91
Two French Carols for SATB $4.57

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Waltz Carol for SATB & piano/organ $2.68
What child is this? for SATB & organ $2.68
What sweeter music for SATB unaccompanied $2.68