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Maayani, Ami: The Legend of Threes and Fours (1978) 103'
Ballet music in 3 acts, 12 scenes; based on a literary work by Hayim Nahman Bialik



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Programme Note

Act I
King Solomon and the Kings of East and West at the palace party; in the palace garden – King’s dream vision in the stars. The King’s daughter dances alone in the garden. In his room with his servants the King seeks a solution for the nightmare vision of his beloved daughter marrying a poor lad from Sidon.

Act II
Sidon – a city of great commercial activity and much confusion; Natanya – a brave lad in search of adventure leaves Sidon and finds himself on a boat in the midst of the sea; The vessel crashes on a cliff; The lad is saved by the eagle who puts him on the deserted island in the middle of nowhere; There he sees a large tower tightly closed under lock and key, where King Solomon concealed his daughter to avoid Heaven’s decree; The serpent leads him to the top of the tower where the lad and the King’s daughter find themselves falling in love and involved with each other.

King Solomon and his entourage reach the island; Stunned, he sees the young couple holding hands; he accepts the situation and understands that it was God’s will to bring them together; after a short interlude, they all participate in the great celebration in the city of Jerusalem.

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