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Ami Maayani

Ami Maayani Photo: Copyright Katy Schwartzmann
b. 1936


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graduated from the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, where he studied composition under the tutorship of Paul Ben-Haim and conducting with Eitan Lustig * has also received academic degrees in architecture, urban planning, and philosophy * served as Chairman of the Israel Composers’ League and of the Israeli Section of ISCM * Professor of Music and Composition at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance and at the Samuel Rubin Israel Academy of Music, Tel-Aviv University, which he headed between 1993–1998 and again from August 2000 * in addition to many performances in Israel, his output as a composer is heard in Western and Eastern Europe, the United States, South America, China, Japan and Korea * wrote several standard pieces for international competitions * is also the author of a monumental and exhaustive work on Richard Wagner, the only major contribution to the subject in the Hebrew language

Works by Ami Maayani include:
Harp Concertos No.1 (1960) & No.2 (Concerto symphonique) (1966)
Hebrew Requiem ( 1977) for soli, chorus and orchestra
Yiddish Song Cycles No.1 (1973) & No.2 (1974)
Improvisation variée (1966) for flute, viola and harp
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