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Chapela, EnricoPiroklasta (2014) 12'
for orchestra

2.2.2(II=bcl).2.dbn- glasses/crot/waterphone--pft(=cel)-harp-strings.
Abbreviations (PDF).

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Composer's Notes      Deutsch
Piroklasta has a structure known as "Alla breve", popular with European Radio Stations. Commissioned by Radio France, it has five independent short movements, designed for independent broadcast from Monday till Friday, having the entire piece broadcasted on Saturday.
As for inspiration, I was watching a documentary that listed the very worst horrors that volcanoes have to offer. Impressed by the beautiful and raw power of nature, I decided to devote each movement to a different pyroclastic feature.

1) Magma is the dense melted rock that bubbles inside the chamber.
2) Ash is the fine powder that rises high into the atmosphere.
3) Scoria is made of small dense spongy rocks.
4) Tephra describes all flying stuff that's expelled during explosions.
5) Lahar is a fast descending mud river formed from melted glacier ice.

Enrico Chapela

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