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Markevitch Centenary in 2012

(December 2010)

The centenary of Igor Markevitch, the compositional prodigy discovered by Serge Diaghilev and hailed as ‘the second Igor’, is celebrated on 27 July 2012.

Rich in rhythmic energy, Markevitch's music from the 1930s exudes the ‘spirit of the dance’ combined with highly original orchestral textures, as heard on a recently reissued series of eight Naxos discs. Radio programmers can combine his arresting early compositions with classic recordings from his acclaimed later career as a conductor.

Further information on the Markevitch Orchestral Works on Naxos:

Vol.1: Partita / Le Paradis Perdu

Vol.2: Le Nouvel Age / Sinfonietta / Cinéma Ouverture

Vol.3: Cantique d’Amour / L’Envol d’Icare / Concerto Grosso

Vol.4: Rebus / Hymnes / Hymne à la Mort

Vol.5: Lorenzo Il Magnifico/Psaume

Vol.6: La Taille de L’Homme

Vol.7: Piano Concerto / Cantate / Icare

Vol.8: The Musical Offering

"Until the British conductor Christopher Lyndon-Gee began to record Markevitch's music for Marco Polo in 1995, most of us knew this music only by hearsay. So it was thrilling to discover that it really is as good as all those amazed early commentators suggested.”
Sunday Express

"...the extravagant praise his contemporaries heaped upon the young Markevitch was not misplaced."
Classics Today

Listen to Markevitch’s music at

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