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OEK edition of La Vie parisienne wins top publishing prize

(April 2004)

OEK edition of La Vie parisienne wins top publishing prize

La Vie parisienne in the Offenbach Edition Keck has won the 2004 Best Musical Edition prize at the Frankfurt Music Fair

Following the prize-winning publication of Orphée aux enfers in 2002, the latest volume in the Offenbach Edition Keck (OEK), La Vie parisienne, has also received the Best Musical Edition (Musikeditionspreis), the most prestigious prize of the German music publishing business awarded annually by the German Music Publishers Association. The award ceremony took place at the Frankfurt Music Fair on 31 March 2004, when it was announced that the Boosey & Hawkes score topped the 101 editions submitted for the prize by a record-breaking 29 publishing houses.

La Vie parisienne is part of the Offenbach Edition Keck, the new critical and practical complete edition, directed by Jean-Christoph Keck and published by Boosey & Hawkes / Bote & Bock. Since its launch in 1999, the OEK has established itself as the authoritative Offenbach edition – "a series which merits the most enthusiastic support from scholars, libraries and performers alike", as stated by the Musical Times.

The new edition of La Vie parisienne was unveiled on stage in its French premiere production at the Grand Théâtre de Tours at the beginning of 2004.

"Strange as it may seem, Parisian Life, a work we thought we were so familiar with, has had to wait for this current new edition to receive the treatment it deserves: as a highlight of opera buffa and a miracle of imagination."
(Jean-Yves Ossonce, artistic director and conductor of the Tours production)

"Offenbach can count himself lucky to be presented in this manner – even more so, as this is the first time the original version is performed. This is thanks to the untiring efforts of Jean-Christophe Keck… music lovers may discover passages they’ve never heard before."
(Michel Parouty, Les Echos, 02.01.2004)

Following the successful theatrical launch over the past five years of La Vie parisienne, La Périchole, Barbe-bleue and La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein in the OEK edition, two more OEK editions will be performed for the first time in 2004: Les Brigands (Gelsenkirchen), and La Belle Hélène (Trier). This completes the series of Offenbach’s six most famous opéras-bouffes, all now available in critically reliable scores and parts, signalling a significant point of arrival for the OEK.

Another ground-breaking event will take place at the end of the year with the world stage premiere of Offenbach’s rediscovered grand romantic opera Les Fées du Rhin at the Nuovo Teatro Communale in Bolzano. In 2002, the piece caused a sensation in the musical world when performed for the first time in its original version in concert during the Montpellier festival and the CD recording of the concert by Universal/Accord received enthusiastic reviews from the international music press.

Orphées aux enfers (available in both the 1858 and 1874 versions) remains the work that is spear-heading the OEK around the world with more than 20 productions to date. The edition also embraces concert works by Offenbach, including most recently the composer's cello concerto - not to forget his talents as the leading cellist of his age. The Grand concerto pour violoncelle et orchestre, sometimes known as the Concerto militaire, was revived in concert by Xavier Philips at the Théâtre Mogador in Paris on 3 April this year.

For further information on the Offenbach Edition Keck, click here.

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