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Department: Retail

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Online Music Shop & Music by Mail:

The Boosey & Hawkes Online Music Shop & Music by Mail ordering service are your best gateways to the greatest music in the world from leading music publishers.

The Online Music Shop, accessible via our homepage (or click here), has proved exceedingly popular with internet browsers, as a clear & simple-to-use website with a huge selection and great value-for-money.

Contact Routes for Music by Mail ordering service:

UK customers: 0161 946 9335
International customers: +44 (0)161 946 9335

Custom Print Archive:

Is the music you need "Out of Print"? Don’t worry - we can help! The Boosey & Hawkes Custom Print Archive exists to service the company's enormous back catalogue. It houses thousands upon thousands of titles and is a treasure-trove for amateur and professional musicians alike.

Contact Routes for Custom Print Archive:

Custom Print trade enquiries UK/Eire:
Tel: 01233 712233
Fax: 01233 714948

Custom Print trade enquiries non-UK/Eire:
Tel: +49 (0) 6131 – 505 100
Fax: +49 (0) 6131 – 505 116

Custom Print public enquiries:
Individual customers should place their orders online at, or contact our Music by Mail ordering service (UK customers: 0161 946 9335, International customers: +44 (0)161 946 9335).

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