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James MacMillan: recording the Stabat Mater

Quelle: The Sixteen

This short film explores James MacMillan's Stabat Mater recorded by The Sixteen and Britten Sinfonia conducted by Harry Christophers.

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Adams: Gospel According to the Other Mary

Quelle: San Francisco Symphony

This short film explores John Adams's passion oratorio The Gospel According to the Other Mary through interviews with the composer and mezzo Kelley O'Connor.

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Arriaga/Brüning: Die arabische Prinzessin

Quelle: Jens Kerbel

Trailer for Die arabische Prinzessin, oder Das wiedergeschenkte Leben (The Arabian Princess) as produced by Theater Bonn (2013)

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Evers: Gold!

Quelle: Staatstheater Mainz

Trailer for Leonard Evers' music theatre Gold! in the production by Staatstheater Mainz (2014/15)

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Valtinoni: Die Schneekönigin

Quelle: Arpad Bondy

Trailer for Die Schneekönigin (The Snow Queen) by Pierangelo Valtinoni, directed by Anisha Bondy

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ter Schiphorst: Die Gänsemagd

Quelle: Nina Russi

Trailer for Iris ter Schiphorst's Die Gänsemagd (The Goose Girl) in the prodution at Zurich Opera House

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Concertino (1965): 1st mvt

Komponist: Simon Laks

Aufrufe: 25

Piano Quintet (1967): 3rd mvt

Komponist: Simon Laks

Aufrufe: 23

Sonatine (1927): 3rd mvt

Komponist: Simon Laks

Aufrufe: 22

Our Town: Were You Happy, Emily (2005)

Komponist: Ned Rorem

Aufrufe: 103

Son of Chamber Symphony III (1992)

Komponist: John Adams

Aufrufe: 112

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