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Composer Title
Anna ClyneBeware Of (2007)
Anna Clyne Choke (2004)
Anna Clyne fits + starts (2003)
Anna Clyne paint box (2006)
Anna Clyne Prince of Clouds (2012)
Anna Clyne Rapture (2005)
Anna Clyne Roulette (2007)
Anna Clyne Steelworks (2006)
Anna ClyneThe Violin (2009)
Anna Clyne Anna Clyne: Night Ferry with the CSO
Eric CoatesThe Selfish Giant
Keith Ramon ColeGranite (accomp.) from Grade by Grade for Trumpet
Keith Ramon ColeGranite from Grade by Grade for Trumpet
Keith Ramon ColeGranite from Learn As You Play Saxophone
Keith Ramon ColeLandscape for Laurie from First Repertoire for Oboe
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorRomance of the Prairie Lilies
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeA Restful Tune (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeAlla marcia (Shooting Stars)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeApple Tree (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeAt a Snail's Pace (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeAt Harvest Time (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeBell-ringers (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeBoogie-woogie (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeBow Ties! (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeButtercups and Daisies (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeButterflies (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeCaterpillars (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeChinatown (Shooting Stars)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeChinese Lanterns (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeCircus Elephants (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeClever Clogs! (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeCockle Shells (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeCoconuts and mangoes (Shooting Stars)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeCossacks (Shooting Stars)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeCowboys and Indians (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeDaydreaming (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeDinosaurs (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeDrifting (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeFast Forward (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeFiddlesticks (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeFirst Performance (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeFull Moon (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeGoldfish Bowl (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeHallowe'en (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeHiding in the Long Grass (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeHills and Dales (Waggon Wheels)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeHobby Horses (Stepping Stones)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeHornpipe (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeHustle, bustle (Fast Forward)
Katherine & Hugh ColledgeIce Dancers (Waggon Wheels)
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