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Vivier, ClaudeLove Songs (1977) 30'
for 4 female voices and 3 male voices

Music Text  
Claude Vivier (G-F-E)
Abkürzungsverzeichnis (PDF).

Dieses Werk ist erhältlich bei Boosey & Hawkes für Aufführungen in for the world.

Anmerkungen des Komponisten      Deutsch    Français
To be staged or not
To be felt not understood
Let tones from the others inspire your own.
Let the music flow out of you as if you were a kid.
Notation is only a reminder for certain states
never follow the signs but only their spirit.
In this score you do what is appropriate for you to do
and let the rest to the others. Always be in love!

— Claude Vivier

Reproduction Rights:
This program note may be reproduced free of charge in concert programs with a credit to the composer.

Empfohlene Aufnahme
Les jeunes solistes / Rachid Safir
Soupir S206-NT103
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