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Vivier, Claude: Trois airs pour un opéra imaginaire (1982) 15'
for soprano and ensemble

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Claude Vivier (imaginary language)


S; 1.picc.0.2.bcl.0- gliss/Chinese gong/Balinese gong/tam-t/t.bells/crot/brake drums/flex/vib/BD-strings(

Abkürzungsverzeichnis (PDF)


Dieses Werk ist erhältlich bei Boosey & Hawkes für Aufführungen in for the world.

World Premiere

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Brenda Mitchell Hubbard, soprano / l'Itineraire / Yves Prin

Anmerkungen des Komponisten

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This work is literally what the title suggests. The main elements of my piece are: a spectrum with regular pulsation moving towards an irregular and individual pulsing; from this pulsing arises a series of short, brilliant lines rocketing towards the highest register. The rhythm thus produced flattens out more and more to become pure duration. Everything becomes homophonic only to break up once again, becoming contrapuntal and stabilizing in an orchestration that becomes ever thinner and moves more and more towards the high register. Finally there is an abrupt return to homophony, moving towards a sound/noise from the whole ensemble, which shatters brutally on a pure interval in order to allow a return to spectral writing.

— Claude Vivier

Reproduction Rights:
This program note may be reproduced free of charge in concert programs with a credit to the composer.

Empfohlene Aufnahme

L'Ensemble de la SMCQ / Walter Boudreau
ATMA ACD 2 2252
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