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Abreviaturas (PDF)

Este trabajo está disponible a través de Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Minneapolis, MN
Sharon Isbin, harp / Minnesota Orchestra / Henry Charles Smith
Citas de prensa

"This aesthetically magnificent and majestic masterpiece was presented in three movements. The first movement marked ‘Modéré’ began with atonal, ethereal, filmy, gauzelike shades and tints plus interludes of meditative solo guitar. A relaxed tension inspired new sounds, dimensions, dissonance and resolutions. Dialogue with the celesta created a sense of profound drama. The second movement, ‘Andante’, was affirmatively masculine, resolutely tender. Silky strings and an emphatic harp created Oriental atmosphere reminiscent of a Japanese print... ‘Vite et trés gai’ marked the last movement. Novel, unique and highly complex rhythms led to firm resolution, romantic hope and warmth. Interweaving melodies and themes became vertical, horizontal and diagonal gems of variation and beat. The final draped tones and lush dissonances drifted into space toward Nirvana and the celestial... concluding a work of great artistic merit." (Earl A. Schreiber, Winona Daily News, 12 Apr 1978)

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