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Various - American Arias (Baritone/Bass)
Beschreibung: Bass, Piano

Verlag:Boosey & Hawkes (New York)
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The Boosey & Hawkes catalogue is unparalleled as one of the greatest treasures of contemporary American vocal literature. This major new series celebrates the best in American opera with favourites and lesser-known gems from Stravinsky’s Rakes Progress, John Adams' Nixon in China, Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti and other great operas by Dominic Argento, Ned Rorem and Carlisle Floyd. Suitable for professional and college-level singers, ideal for recitals and auditions, and an essential resource for the study of the American opera repertoire.


01 John Adams: "Dewain's Song of Liberation and Surprise" from I was looking at the ceiling and then I saw the sky
02 John Adams: "Shake the heavens" from El Niño
03 John Adams: "Dawn Air" from El Niño
04 John Adams: "News Aria" from Nixon in China
05 John Adams: "Chou En-lai's Epilogue" from Nixon in China
06 Dominick Argento: "The Boor's Aria" from The Boor
07 Dominick Argento: "Casanova's Final Air" from Casanova's Homecoming
08 Dominick Argento: "Sly's Aria" from Christopher Sly
09 Dominick Argento: "Metatron's Sermon" from The Masque of Angels
10 Dominick Argento: "Ralph's Letter-Ballad" from The Shoemakers' Holiday
11 Dominick Argento: "Simon's Aria" from The Shoemakers' Holiday
12 Dominick Argento: "The Lecturer" from A Water Bird Talk
13 Jack Beeson: "Prescription for Living" from Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth
14 Jack Beeson: "The Gambler's Song" from Hello Out There
15 Leonard Bernstein: "A Simple Song" from Mass
16 Leonard Bernstein: "There's a law" from Trouble in Tahiti
17 Carlisle Floyd: "Rucker's Sermon" from Cold Sassy Tree
18 Carlisle Floyd: "I've known I've loved you" from Cold Sassy Tree
19 Carlisle Floyd: "George's Aria" from Of Mice and Men
20 Carlisle Floyd: "Sleep, conscience, sleep" from The Passion of Jonathan Wade
21 Carlisle Floyd: "Hear me, O Lord" from Susannah
22 Carlisle Floyd: "Single bed blanket" from Willie Stark
23 Carlisle Floyd: "We all come out of the earth" from Willie Stark
24 Douglas Moore: "I've got a ram, Goliath" from The Devil and Daniel Webster
25 Ned Rorem: "I cannot still the echo" from The Robbers
26 Igor Stravinsky: "Nick Shadow's Aria" from The Rake's Progress

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