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Michael Torke

 b. 1961Photo credit: Robin Holland


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Michael Torke is one of the leading American composers of his generation * His kinetic, brilliantly scored 'post-minimalist' works often make hidden reference to popular idioms * Music spans virtually every genre, including opera, orchestral, ensemble, chamber, and solo pieces * One of the most widely choreographed composers with danceworks by Peter Martins for New York City Ballet, Glen Tetley, Jiri Kylian, James Kudelka and Ulysses Dove, among others * Strongly associates pitches and chords with specific colours; has often named his pieces for those colours and the moods they evoke 

Works by Michael Torke include:
Bright Blue Music (1985) for orchestra
Ecstatic Orange (1984) for orchestra
Yellow Pages (1985) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano

"The idea that rhythm is intrinsically human — not just primitive — that we all have hearts that beat at a steady rate and don't stop...reminds me of life itself. In that sense my music is like certain popular music where the rhythm drives from beginning to end." — Michael Torke

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