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Eric Coates

 1886 - 1957Eric Coates



In addition to the items on the B&H Work List above, a wide selection of music by Eric Coates is published by Warner/Chappell and administered for rental by Boosey & Hawkes in the UK, Eire and other European territories. For further information please visit our Warner/Chappell website area.

Eric Coates is renowned as a leading British composer of light music * Started career as a violist, playing as Principal with the Queen's Hall Orchestra under Henry Wood * Orchestral music followed example of Edward German * Incorporated rhythms from dance band music in 1920s * Prolific as a song writer and composer of light music orchestral suites * Memorable melodies adopted as radio signature tunes including Knighstbridge (from London Suite) and his valse serenade By the Sleepy Lagoon (for Desert Island Discs) * Music popular for TV and film including his title March for The Dambusters and use of Halcyon Days from The Three Elizabeths for The Forsyte Saga

Works by Eric Coates include:
London Suite (1933) for orchestra
The Three Elizabeths Suite (1944) for orchestra
The Dambusters March (1955) for orchestra

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