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Peter Maxwell Davies

Peter Maxwell Davies Photo © Copyright Eamonn McCabe
1934 - 2016


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Peter Maxwell Davies was one of the most significant figures in post-War European music * Rose to prominence in late 1960s with neo-expressionistic music-theatre pieces Eight Songs for a Mad King and Vesalii Icones, orchestra scores Worldes Blis and St Thomas Wake, and opera Taverner * Many works composed for distinctive chamber sextet of Fires of London * Since the 1970s, worklist included Trumpet Concerto, 10 Symphonies, and 10 Strathclyde Concertos written for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra * Many works for young performers * Was active as conductor, both of his own works and standard repertoire * Master of the Queen's Music 2004-14

Works by Peter Maxwell Davies include:
Eight Songs for a Mad King (1969) Music-theatre work for male singer and ensemble
An Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise (1985) for orchestra or chamber orchestra and Highland pipes
Symphony No.5 (1994) for orchestra
"...vivid theatricality and a musical idiom that combines medieval mysticism, modernist rigour and happy accessibility." — New York Times

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