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Bertold Hummel

Bertold Hummel
1925 - 2002


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Bertold Hummel studied composition in 1947 under Harald Genzmer * In 1952, his Missa brevis op.5 is performed at the 'Donaueschinger Musiktage' * After several composition awards, he takes the post of a teacher of composition at the Bavarian State Conservatory of Music, Würzburg in 1963 * He becomes director of the newly-founded 'Studio for New Music' * Composes several religious works for the Würzburg cathedral * His works contain a number of pieces for a solo instrument and orchestra, including horn and percussion * In 1975, his ballet Die letzte Blume (The Last Flower) after James Thurber is performed with great success in Würzburg * He has produced over 100 works, performed in several continents, and won numerous awards

Works by Bertold Hummel include:
Divertimento capriccioso op.15, for harpsichord and orchestra, after Pergolesi
Reverenza (Symphony No.2) for orchestra op.30
Die letzte Blume (The Last Flower) op.55a (1975), ballet
Music for alto saxophone and orchestra op. 96b (1993/95)
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