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Franz Schreker

Franz Schreker Photo: © F. Löwy
1878 - 1934


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In the first two decades of the twentieth century, Franz Schreker was considered the most significant German-language opera composer besides Richard Strauss * Der Ferne Klang (The Distant Sound, 1912), Die Gezeichneten (The Marked Ones, 1918) and Der Schatzgräber (The Treasure-Digger, 1920) were performed regularly on stages in German-speaking countries * Influenced by Freud and Schnitzler in his operatic texts in which deep psychological insights figure prominently * His distinctively European style, which amalgamates contemporary French and Italian influences with an idiom close to late-Wagner and Mahler, was attacked by the increasingly nationalistic and anti-Semitic attitudes of the 1920s and the Nazis branded his music 'degenerate' * Influential teacher whose pupils included Brand, Goldschmidt, Hába, Krenek, Rathaus and Szpilman * As a result of a Schreker revival in the 1980s and early 1990s, is now widely regarded as one of the leading Austro-German post-Romantics and many of his lesser-known stage and concert works have been rediscovered * Notable Schreker conductors include Gielen, Metzmacher, Sinaisky, Thielemann, Welser-Möst and Zagrosek

Works by Franz Schreker include:
Flammen (Flames) (1901-02) Opera in one act
Symphony in A minor op.1 (1899)
Scherzo (1900) for string orchestra
Das Weib des Intaphernes (The Wife of Intaphernes) (1933) Melodrama for narrator and orchestra
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