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Barbe-Bleue (1866): Couplets des Boulotte

Jacques Offenbach

Plays: 4322

Barbe-Bleue (1866): Prélude de l’acte I

Jacques Offenbach

Plays: 3431

Featured Clips

B&E (with aggravated assault) (2006)

Oscar Bettison

Plays: 5986

Mad Dog (2011): 2nd mvmt

Bernd Richard Deutsch

Plays: 3697

Susannah: The trees on the mountains are cold and bare (1953-54)

Carlisle Floyd

Plays: 955

The Healer: Sozo (2013)

Karl Jenkins

Plays: 3552

Motets: Exsultate Jubilate (2014)

Karl Jenkins

Plays: 9626