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Andrzej Panufnik: new website explores life and works

(June 2012)

A new website explores the life and works of Andrzej Panufnik, whose centenary is celebrated in 2014

A new website exploring Andrzej Panufnik (1914-91), the music and the man, has been launched at

2014 is the Polish-born composer’s centenary and the website provides a welcome overview for those researching repertoire for the celebrations.

As well as details of Panufnik’s music and soundclips of his works, the website offers a gallery of photographs, many never seen before, and detailed biographical information. Social history and musical life intertwine in Panufnik’s personal story: survival in wartime Warsaw and the Nazi occupation, political pressures under the Soviet-led regime, escape to the UK, challenges in exile, and the composer’s momentous return visit to Warsaw in 1990.

If you would like assistance with centenary repertoire suggestions and details of recommended Panufnik interpreters please contact your local Boosey & Hawkes office:

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