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Sebastian Currier: Recording of New Violin Concerto Time Machines

(September 2011)

Deutsche Grammophon has released a recording from the new violin concerto’s world premiere with the New York Philharmonic and featured soloist Anne-Sophie Mutter

Sebastian Currier’s new violin concerto Time Machines has been recorded and released by Deutsche Grammophon (DG B0015877-02). Time Machines is dedicated to and commissioned by renowned violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, and was recorded by the New York Philharmonic with Music Director Alan Gilbert in June 2011.

The seven-movement work examines different ways in which music unfolds in time, such as fragmented time, delayed time, and harmonic time. The composer offers further insights about time and air in music in his program notes: “Clearly the form of a piece is how it unfolds in time. On a smaller scale, melodic or rhythmic gestures are made of a series of events moving forward in time. Even pitch is a product of time: a pitch is created from a periodic oscillation, the less the time of each oscillation, the higher the pitch. This extends to timbre as well, since the tone color of an instrument is dependent on its overtones and overtones are simply vibration patterns at set time proportions to a fundamental tone. The rest is air…”

“Though this work is driven by Mr. Currier’s handling of rhythm and time, the music’s harmonic allure and textural richness were often its most striking qualities ... With his acute ear and sensitivity to color, whole passages of the piece were rapturously beautiful, especially the mystical final movement, Harmonic Time.”
The New York Times

The long collaboration between Currier and Mutter dates back almost 20 years to Aftersong for violin and piano, which premiered at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival in 1994. Time Machines receives its European premiere in Essen, Germany, when Mutter performs the work with Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des Südwestrundfunk and Michael Francis in January 2012. The concerto is then brought on tour to Friedrichshafen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, as well as Basel, Switzerland for its Swiss premiere.

More information, including audio samples and videos with Sebastian Currier and Anne-Sophie Mutter, can be found on a special Deutsche Grammophone mini-site:

> To view a score sample of Time Machines, click here.
> To listen to a sound sample of Time Machines, click here.

> Further information on work: Time Machines

Cover Courtesy: Deutsche Grammophon

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