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New addition Karl Jenkins conducts The Armed Man in Berlin Aug 2018
New Jenkins World Premiere Celebrates 10th Anniversary of DCINY Dec 2017
Karl Jenkins signs Decca contract with Symphonic Adiemus Sep 2017
Karl Jenkins introduces Symphonic Adiemus on tour Aug 2017
Karl Jenkins: Cantata Memoria released on disc Oct 2016
Karl Jenkins commemorates Aberfan in Cantata Memoria Aug 2016
Karl Jenkins: Armed Man commemorates war and peace Feb 2013
Jenkins: Songs of the Earth Reaches American Shores Jan 2013
World Premiere and Album Release of Karl Jenkins's The Peacemakers Dec 2011
A "Global Sing for Peace" Will Commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 with Performances Around the World Jul 2011
Karl Jenkins's Gloria receives its U.S. Premiere Jan 2011
Jenkins: US Euphonium Concerto Premiere Mar 2010
Karl Jenkins in New York Dec 2008
"Pure" chart success for Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man! Oct 2003
Karl Jenkins's Adiemus - new for brass and strings May 2003
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