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Chin, Unsuk: Gougalon for ensemble

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Score Details

Title: Gougalon
Composer: Unsuk Chin
Duration: 24'
Composition Date: 2009/2011
Publisher: B&H MP
Instrumentation: mixed ensemble (2 instruments or more)
Description: for ensemble
Scoring: 1(=picc,afl,metal block,3tgl,harmonica,maracas,vibraslap).1(=corA,tamb(sm),3tgl,harmonica,ratchet).1(=Ebcl,bcl,sistrum,finger cym,harmonica,flex).0-0.1(in C=Etpt, Ebtpt,guiro,sand box,maracas).1(=maracas,Chinese gong(sm),harmonica,metal rattle).0-perc(2):xyl/vib/bass marimbaphone/cencerros/6sound bowls(sm)/susp.cym/2Japanese temple bells/8cans/8bottles/6 metal blocks/2flex(sm,med)/finger cym/2 Chinese gongs(sm)/tamb(sm)/2bongos/2congas/2timbales/rototom/2tom-t(med,sm)/3SD/TD/BD/maracas/twig brush/mark tree/bamboo chime/vibraslap/bell tree/metal rasp/guiro/thunder sheet/leather whip/leather belt/2timp(with cyms(lg))-pft(prepared; 2 players required)-

Please note that this work requires the piano to be prepared. Full instructions for this, including diagrams, can be found in English and German at the front of the online score, here.
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Abbreviations (PDF)
Territory: This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world
Rental: Gougalon
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Unsuk Chin: Gougalon (Hawkes Pocket Score - HPS 1506) Mixed Ensemble (Study Score)

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