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Making Books Sing productions bring literature to the stage as musicals and operas, offering young audiences the opportunity to experience high-quality performances while learning about cultural and social issues.  To enhance the educational process, Making Books Sing also provides resources for each production geared toward students, teachers, and families.  These resources explore everything from literary analysis of the story to the social and cultural issues addressed in the production, and include numerous classroom activites and questions to prompt discussion.

Musicals, Shows, and Operas

The following Making Books Sing productions are now available for licensing and rental through Boosey & Hawkes. For more information please contact Trudy Chan, Senior Promotion Executive: trudy.chan@boosey.com.

The Butterfly (2008)
Based on the book by Patricia Polacco
Music by Charles Greenberg
Libretto by Barbara Zinn Krieger

Against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied France, a friendship between two girls of different faiths blossoms – until their families are placed in jeopardy.

A Shelter in Our Car (2007)
Based on the book by Monica Gunning
Music by Robert L. Wilson III
Lyrics by Sophie Jaff

Zettie and her mama leave their comfortable home in Jamaica for an uncertain life in the U.S. Their unwavering love and gutsy determination provide the greatest shelter of all, when they face a temporary period of homelessness.

The Orphan Singer (2006)
Based on the book by Emily Arnold McCully
Music selected and arranged by Rick Erickson
Libretto by Barbara Zinn Krieger

The Orphan Singer tells the tale of an exceptionally gifted young girl named Caterina in 18th century Venice, who is brought to an orphanage for young girls known for producing outstanding musicians, run by Maestro Antonio Vivaldi himself. A scheming prima donna, Apollonia, is determined to prevent Caterina from succeeding, as her beautiful voice captures the heart of Vivaldi. Will she overcome the jealousy of Apollonia? Who are the devoted street singers who visit the young girl and encourage her music education?

The Upside Down Boy (2004)
Based on the book by Juan Felipe Herrera
Music by Cristian Amigo
Lyrics by Juan Felipe Herrera
Book and Additional lyrics by Barbara Zinn Krieger

Juanito's world is turned upside down when his migrant family settles in Queens. Loving parents and a sensitive teacher help plant his feet on the ground through poetry, art, and music. Based on the bilingual memoirs by award-winning poet Juan Felipe Herrera.

Appelemando's Dreams (2000 and 2001)
Based on the book by Patricia Polacco
Music by James Kurtz
Libretto by Barbara Zinn Krieger

A young boy enters a world of color and magic as his imagination transforms his small town into a beautiful work of art and reveals the power of true friendship.

Beautiful Warrior (2002)
Based on the book by Emily Arnold McCully
Music by Jin Xiang
Libretto by Barbara Zinn Krieger

In a fusion of Western theatre and Peking Opera, a Chinese Buddhist nun and her young student put their philosophy of non-violence and forgiveness to a test, as they encounter trials and triumphs on the road to self-awareness.

Little Kit (1997 and 1999)
based on the book by Emily Arnold McCully
Music by Charles Greenbergl
Libretto by Barbara Zinn Krieger

A Victorian-era orphan goes in search of a family, encountering a flea circus and an assortment of fascinating characters on her way to a dream.

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Musicals, Shows, and Operas

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