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Levy, Marvin David

The Zachary Star (2001)

Duration: 90 minutes
Opera for children

Libretto by the composer (E)

2S,MS,T/B,B-childrens choir-kbd OR: quartet .
Abbreviations (PDF).

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.


ZACHARY, 11-13 year old boyAlto
GRAMPA BEN, Zachary's grandfather (also as Santa Claus)Baritone
MIRANDI, Ben's daughter and Zachary's mother (also Gramma Santa)Soprano
Bubba, orange grove farmer (also Muckle the Worm)Light Baritone
BIRDY, Zach's piano teacher (also Colette Amadeus Eaglette)Mezzo-Soprano
PETUNIA, Zach's sister, 13-15 year old girl (also Honey Suckle Duckle)Treble
Children's Choir (also dancing Mucklettes, Eaglettes, Ducklettes, and Dancing Bananas)11-15 year old girls and boys- Trebles and Altos

Time and Place
20th Century, at the family's home, near an orange grove in Florida

Zachary is a twelve-year-old boy who lives near an orange grove in Florida with his mother Kitty and his Grandpa Ben. It becomes obvious to both Zachary and Kitty that Ben is sick.  Ben will probably have to cancel the family's trip to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Zachary, in his own way of dealing with his grandfather's illness, uses his imagination to enter the world of Colette, Muckles, and Big Mama Eagle. Grandpa Ben urges Zachary to “hitch his wagon to a star”, just like he did when he was a boy. Zachary thinks that Grandpa Ben just needs a new star. He asks Big Mama Eagle if she will take him to New York City so he can buy the star on the Christmas tree. The choir teaches him that each person has love living inside, and that this is the true star. A star floats down into Zachary's outstretched hands. When he returns, Kitty tells him that Ben has died. Zachary visits Ben, who is now with Colette, Muckles, and the others. Grandpa Ben tells Zachary that each of us has a bright star within.



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