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Gibbs, Cecil Armstrong

The Three Kings (1937)

Duration: 90 minutes
A Nativity play in four acts

Play by Mordaunt Currie (E)

2S,child singer,11speakers; chorus pft(org)-strings(basses optional) also available for two pianos.
Abbreviations (PDF).

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.


MELCHIOR, a kingspeaking role
BALTHAZAR, a kingspeaking role
GASPAR, a kingspeaking role
HEROD, king of Judaeaspeaking role
LUCIUS, a captain of Herod's guardspeaking role
CLAUDIUS, a captain of Herod's guardspeaking role
A SCRIBEspeaking role
THREE SHEPHERDS (may also sing)speaking roles (or male voices)
MARY: the VirginSoprano
A SERVANT of King Melchiorspeaking role
THREE COURTIERS of King Herodspeaking roles
AN ANGEL (seen first as a Child)Child singer
Chorus of Angels, Attendants etcChorus

Time and Place
1st Century AD,The Holy Land

At Melchior's palace, the wise old king is visited by a child who describes a dream of a star hanging over a stable. As Melchior goes out to look at the stars, the child sits on his throne. King Balthazar comes to visit, and is sent up to join Melchior. Lastly King Gaspar arrives, and he too is moved by the child's words. The child sends all three kings to Jerusalem to ask Herod where they will find a newborn king. In Jerusalem, the arrival of the kings with their news causes Herod to consult the old prophecies. They learn of a stable in Bethlehem they must seek out. Herod has them followed as they leave. On the hills overlooking Bethlehem, three shepherds are visited by the child and told to seek the saviour born in the town below. In the stable at Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph watch over their newborn child. The kings arrive with presents, and are joined by the shepherds with their homage. Claudius, the captain of Herod's guard, bows his head before Jesus. Mary sings the Magnificat, in which all join.



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