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Erwin, das Naturtalent

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WP Stuttgart 2005

Svoboda, Mike

Erwin, das Naturtalent (2005/07)

(Erwin, the Natural Talent)

Duration: 100 minutes

Music theatre for everyone aged 6 and up

English   Deutsch   Español  

Libretto by Manfred Weiß, based on themes from the novel 'Erwin mit der Tröte' by Volker Kriegel; English version by Mike Svoboda and Manfred Weiß (G,E)


2S,M,A,T,Bar,B; actor; mixed chorus(with soloists); 2(I,II=picc).1.2(II=bcl).1(=dbn)-1.2(I='mutant-trumpet').1.1-perc(3)-elec.git(='retuned-western.guitar')-strings(; reduced orchestration: 1(=picc).0.1(=bcl).tsax.0-0.2(I='mutant-trumpet').1.0-perc(2)-elec.git(='retuned-western.guitar')-strings(

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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Staatsoper, Kammertheater, Stuttgart
Patrick Schimanski, director
Conductor: Mike Svoboda
Company: Junge Oper der Staatsoper Stuttgart

World premiere of version
Theater, Bielefeld
Michael Heicks, director
Conductor: Mike Svoboda
Company: Theater Bielefeld / Bielefelder Philharmoniker


ERWIN, a natural talent Mezzo-Soprano
ROSA, a mysterious island inhabitant Soprano
PROFESSOR HOGGINS, an inquisitive scientist Baritone
AMALIA-BERNADETTE, agile assistant to Prof. Hoggins Soprano
Gismo (Jungle Kings) / Gila (giraffe) / Schnief Seng-Loreng (fashion designer) Alto
Alex (Jungle Kings) / Leopold (lion) / Massimo Calvolino (hairdresser) / Dottore Maculo-Docteur Rouspéter-Doc Carper-Dao Mä Klung (critic) Tenor
Franz (Jungle Kings) / Ravi (elephant) / Herr Schneider (tailor) Bass
Heinzi (Jungle Kings) / Vulcar (the-vulcar-with-no-name) / Yasuhiko Suturobo (photographer) / Gian-Carlo Bastonelli (composer) / DWS (showmaster) Actor
Äplies (hotel cleaning lady) / Lala & Lolo (assistants to Bastonelli) also melodica / Yessir (hotel boy) / Three Fashion Assistants / Two Orderlies Choir soloists

Time and Place

At first: a marvelous island in the west-eastern south sea; and then: to the whole world


There is not a single reason why Erwin should leave his island in the west-eastern south sea. All of his friends live here, there are the most delicious things to eat and drink, and there is a party every day at which Erwin makes music with his Dschanglkings. What’s more, Rosa lives here, whom Erwin loves and who (although he doesn’t know it yet) is his biggest fan. But one sunny day a crazy professor comes to the island. He hears Erwin singing and promises him many wonderful things and the greatest career in the world if he were to leave the island! After a sleepless night Erwin goes with Prof. Hoggins because he desperately wants to find out what this ‘chocolate’ really is. On arriving in the biggest capital city Erwin meets the manager Amalia-Bernadette. She plans Erwin’s career and soon a big tour begins. And another. And another. And Erwin is the most well-known, well-loved and sought-after star of all time. But does he really enjoy this? What about his friends? Does he miss his island? And what about Rosa?




Music/Arts, Relationships

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