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Kater Moshe und der Zauberbogen

Photo: K. H. Fotobox

Gelsenkirchen 2011 (WP)

Seidler, Chris

Kater Moshe und der Zauberbogen (2011/16)

(Moshe and the Magic Bow)

Duration: 90 minutes

Fairytale opera in 2 acts

English   Deutsch   Español  

Libretto by Chris Seidler (G)


4S,A,childS,2T,2hiBar; children's choir; mixed chorus; 1(=picc).1.1.1- timp/slide whistle/thunder sheet/bag of shards/bottle/iron chains; II=dr set/chimes/2wdbl(hi,lo)/tgl/tamb/cowbell; III=glsp(lg)/xyl(C2-C5)/2wdbl(hi,lo)-2kbd-pft/cel(opt)-elec.bass-solo vln-strings(; soundtrack

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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Musiktheater im Revier, Kleines Haus, Gelsenkirchen
Chris Seidler, director
Company: Opera School Gelsenkirchen / Ustinov Opera School Essen


MOSHE the Cat young Musical-Tenor
DANA the Weasel young Soprano
ISMAIL the Beetle young High Baritone
JACOB the Raven young Soprano
King OLVOMON / WARAWAN / Giant Goldfish High Baritone
Magnate of Shadows "Zerrzeck of Zorrzock" Soprano
Druggsagar Birr Musical-Alto
Blueberry Fairy / Princess Olvelia Soprano
Blue Star or the "Light of Snorelanderlan" young or child Soprano
The Ferryman Tenor
Blueberry Elves, Trolls, Dwarfs, Shadow creatures, Monsters, Robots etc. small roles / soli from chorus


Moshe the cat lives in King Olvomon’s castle on the faraway planet Allguck 3. The evil shadow lady Zerrzeck of Zorrzock has the King’s ring stolen in order to expand her dark empire with its energy.

King Olvomon is distraught because he can’t think without his magic ring, let alone rule. His daughter asks the court cat Moshe for help. Armed with his magic violin, Moshe sets out to get the ring back. En route, he meets Dana the dancing weasel, Ismail the painting beetle and Jacob the thespian raven, who help him on his quest. Moshe can definitely use their help because the shadow lady now also wants to steal his violin bow! She believes that it is a powerful magic wand that will give her new strength to transform the tears of all beings into gold. Luckily, Moshe is able, after many setbacks, to defeat the shadow lady with wild violin playing, which arouses the most profound emotions, and the ring that was presumed lost also turns up again. But – is it the right ring?


Dramatic, Poetic



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