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Kats-Chernin, Elena

Der Wind in den Weiden (2018)

(The Wind in the Willows)
Opera for children in 2 acts

Libretto by Jens Luckwaldt, based on the book by Kenneth Grahame (G)

S,M,2T,Bar,B; speaking role; children's choir; small orchestra (15-20 musicians)
Abbreviations (PDF)

This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Schauspielhaus, Kassel
Company: Staatstheater Kassel


Mr TOADhigh Tenor
Leader of the Weasels / The Gaoler's DaughterSoprano
Lawyer / HorseTenor
Judge / Car driverspeaking role
Auntsilent role (from chorus, or doubled by Lawyer or Judge)
Audience and guards at court, Weasels, Voices of Naturechildren's chorus

Mole is sick and tired of spring cleaning. Water Rat has a remedy: there is nothing better than dawdling away the days in a boat. They meet a rich, boastful Mr Toad, who encourages them to ride along in his brand-new carriage. However, as an automobile comes toward them, the inexperienced Mr Toad drives into the roadside ditch, and their adventure trip, hardly begun, ends with a total loss. Undaunted, Mr Toad immediately develops a new passion: to buy a fast auto himself. Under the leadership of the dignified Badger, the other animals attempt to prevent further accidents and lock Mr Toad in his country house. However, he climbs out of the window, steals an auto – and promptly crashes into the next tree. Tried in the court of the humans, he does not show any remorse, so that even his own defence lawyer calls for a very harsh punishment. For car theft and, much worse, having insulted the policemen arresting him and repeating these offences before the tribunal, Mr Toad is sentenced to twenty years in jail.

The gaoler’s daughter has pity. By disguising him as a washerwoman, she smuggles Mr Toad out of his cell. His escape through the countryside leads him to a further auto theft, among other things, until he collapses, exhausted, in a forest clearing. Here, his slumber is watched over by the god Pan, the protector of nature and all animals, whose singing also attracts Rat and Mole to help Mr Toad. But Mr Toad also learns that during his absence his residence has been taken over by wild Weasels. Together, Mr Toad, Rat, Mole, and Badger recapture the house. When Mr Toad learns that the Weasels did not act out of malice, but merely wanted a warm bed and a roof over their heads for once, he invites them to stay. They all celebrate Mr Toad’s transformation, friendship, and the joy of sharing.


Environment, Literary

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