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Strauss, Johann

Waldmeister (1895)

Duration: 120 minutes
Operetta in two acts

Libretto after Gustav Davis; new version and musical arrangement by Ralph Benatzky (G)

4S,2T,4Bar; chorus; ballet; 2(II=picc).2.2.2-
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This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

World Premiere
Theater an der Wien, Vienna
Company: Unknown


CHRISTOF HEFELE, head of the councilBaritone
MALVINE, his wifeSoprano
FREDA, their daughterSoprano
TYMOLEON VON GERIUS, chief forest superintendent and director of the forest academyBaritone
BOTHO WENDT, a young elegant noblemanTenor
ERICH, a journeyman foresterTenor
PAULINE GARLANDT, a singerSoprano
REGINA, their friendnon-singing role
ERASMUS FRIEDRICH MÜLLER, professor of botanynon-singing role
JEANNE, Pauline’s chambermaidSoprano
SEBASTIAN, Hefele's servantnon-singing role
THERESE, Hefele's maidnon-singing role
DANNER, Hefele's assistantnon-singing role
MARTIN, foreman of the labourers in the forest mill non-singing role
LORENZ and PETER, mill labourersnon-singing roles
Notables, Foresters, Millers, Servants, Hunting party, Journeyman foresters, Pauline's friends

Time and Place
Small forest town in central Germany, towards the end of the 19th century

A merry motley hunting party, consisting of journeyman foresters, the beautiful opera singer Pauline and her friend Botho von Wendt, is caught in a storm and finds shelter in the forest mill. There they change their soaked hunting dresses for dry miller's clothing, which provides camouflage when, shortly afterwards, chief forest superintendent Tymoleon von Gerius bursts in. He is ordered by Hefele, head of the council, to teach the young people manners. Botho learns that Tymoleon is devoted to the beautiful 'forest fairy' Freda, Hefele's charming daughter, who he just met in the forest und who he instantly fell in love with. They all know that Tymoleon, a notorious womanizer, is not the right one for Freda and that he has to be taught a lesson. Pauline takes the necessary steps. After a turbulent engagement ceremony (at which a self-made lime-blossom tea has a surprising effect), nothing remains as it used to be: Botho gets Freda, Tymoleon receives gratuitous compensation, and the mystery of the ‘black woodruff’ is unexpectedly disclosed.



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